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A few simple steps to get going

Signing up for Blackbell is free. You get 30 full days to get used to the tool. 
Our extremely easy-to use back-office platform lets you: 

✓ Present your building / community 
Blackbell can serve as your directory: information & contact 

✓ List your products and services
Sell your services & interact with your customers

✓ Setup your multi-vendor marketplace
Enrich your natural service offer by onboarding local service providers 

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Request an app template

Can't find a template for your activity, request it! We'll do our best to upload it before you know it. You will be notified by email once the template is available. 

Setup & training

Get assistance in setting up your products, team, departments and train your team on your new Blackbell platform.

Thirty-day assistance

We help you setup your platform from 30 days. From content upload to main setups. 

Three-day assistance

Call it a kick-off offer ! 

Product FAQ

Can I build a simple marketplace for my business without enrolling external suppliers? 
Yes of course. Our platform lets you build simple websites, fully-centralized marketplaces or multi-vendor marketplaces.

Can Blackbell be used to build an online store? 
Definitely! Custom domain name, services & products management, online payment.. That is all you need to build your store.

Can Blackbell be used to build C2C marketplaces? 
No. Our platform lets you build Business (B) to Consumers (C) marketplaces. 

What about SEO? 
We let manage your SEO straight from the back office.

Can I have a mobile app? 
Sure. Our online tool lets you build a web platform but mobile apps can be built upon demand.

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