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Geographical scope

Geographical scope

Blackbell uses Stripe payment gateway

Our web builder is available worldwide. However, the following features can only be used in Stripe-enabled countries: 

✓ Capturing online payments 
✓ Enrolling local suppliers to build a multi-vendor marketplace 

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Meet Pinglocker

Meet Pinglocker

Delivering on-demand property concierge platforms

Pinglocker is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who used Blackbell's technology to grow his concierge business. 

✓ Started by providing on-site lockers within student residences
✓ Then, created his own marketplace of concierge services with Blackbell
✓ Now, sells white-label Blackbell apps to residential and commercial property developers, owners and managers all over the UK (JLL, Greystar, Savills...)
✓ Continually enroll new merchants into his marketplace

"I can finally focus on bringing value-added services to students." - Ben, Pinglocker