Blackbell Features

We've made it super easy for you to build your own marketplace
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Multi-vendor marketplace

Enroll local suppliers to grow your offer

With Blackbell, creating your multi-vendor marketplace is effortless as the marketplace manages itself. 

✓ Setup your business model : fee or commission-based
✓ Manage invites from your back-office 
✓ Let suppliers upload their products & services
✓ Earn commissions on orders 
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Content management

Add & update content in a few clicks

Managing content has never been easier. Point and click to add blocks and fill the information needed.

✓ Start from our collection of free-to-use templates
✓ Upload text, images, videos...
✓ Update content in a matter of seconds
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Products & services management

Sell. Grow your business.

Our all-in-one platform lets you very easily promote and sell your products and services.

✓ No limit in number of products
✓ Enriched product description (pictures, texts, videos)
✓ Seamless buying experience on all devices 
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Multilingual ready

Talk to your customers in their languages

Blackbell is made for a world where we connect with people.

✓ Make your website available in up to 13 available languages 
✓ Work on translations manually or via Google AI Neural technology

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Order management

Receive & manage orders like a pro

 The better you are able to manage customer orders, the better the experience for them. 

✓ Manage orders from any device 
✓ Setup instant & escalation notification alerts
✓ Chat about an order in real time
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Online payments

Securely collect and manage payments

We've chosen Stripe as our secure payment gateway. 

✓ Seamlessly collect payment at checkout 
✓ Easily refund customers 
✓ Have a clear view on payments collected 

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Live messaging

Let your customers get in touch

Your customers will always have questions. Let them ask.

✓ Setup chat groups to coordinate communication : Sales / Support...
✓ Be alerted by email 
✓ Answer on the go 

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Team & alerts

Setup your team and operational flow

Managing your platform is a team effort and the whole collaboration can be done within Blackbell.

✓ Create unlimited team accounts 
✓ Customize roles and access 
✓ Setup departments & alerts to be promptly notify about customer orders

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Customer reviews

Get customers' feedback. Improve your service.

Ask customers about their experience to improve your service. 

✓ Get ratings from 1 to 5 for each order 
✓ Get comments on the experience 
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User profile

User personal account, at all time

Let your customers: 

✓ Manage their personal information 
✓ Manage their payment information 
✓ Track orders status and messages
✓ Setup notifications' preferences
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Mailing tool

Engage with your customers

Leverage our custom mailing tool to better connect with your customers. 

✓ Send emails to notify about a new product, an update... 
✓ Segment your audience 
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Track usage, orders and revenue

Knowledge is power. Understand how your visitors & customers are using your website. 

✓ Monitor data about traffic & usage 
✓ Instantly track orders & revenue 
✓ Optimize your website based on what you've learnt

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Attract new customers. Reward loyal ones.

Generate discount coupons in a few clicks. 

✓ Select between flat fee discounts or %
✓ Manage limits & frequencies 
✓ Track how many coupons have been redeemed
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Custom domain

Link your domain name to your Blackbell

Your name on the door. Easy. 

Buy a domain name from your Blackbell platform. Instant connect. 
Transfer your existing domain name in a just a few simple steps 

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Make sure you're found.

Blackbell's platform lets you work on your SEO for all pages & products. 

✓ Let people found you on Google
✓ Optimize your meta titles, descriptions and tags for better SEO

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Connect Blackbell to your systems

Blackbell API – REST & Webhooks – is free for all developers. 

Whether you have developers in house or a custom project to work on, you can use our API to connect our softwares together and design operating flows that match your business cases.
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Multilingual back-office

Work in your native language

Blackbell is made for a world where we connect with people.

✓ Use your back-office in your own language
✓ You'll receive email & SMS alerts about orders in your language too 

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Mobile app

Want an app? We've got you covered

Your customers expect a native experience. Deliver one to them. 

Get mobile apps to be with your customers, at all times. 
✓ IOS application for iPhone & iPad 
✓ Android application for Android phone & tablet

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Extra features

We always have more

Among other powerful features: 

- Location-based content
- Single Sign-On
- JS Snippets
- In-room tablets  

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More industry-specific features ?