Local communities

Better connect residents & local merchants altogether. Help reinforcing local communities.

Why Blackbell for your local community

Consumer habits have tremendously changed over the past 10 years. And technology has played a crucial part in that change. ✓ We connect with people on Facebook
✓ We move with Uber
✓ We eat with seamless.com
✓  We shop with Amazon

Simultaneously, the need for individuals to be connected to their local communities seems stronger than ever. 

Blackbell can help local communities build the platform they need to: 
✓ Reunite local merchants into one single interface 
✓ Notify locals about new openings, new offers, latest news
✓ Finally be relevant to locals with a comprehensive yet targeted offer

Who is Blackbell for?

Blackbell can serve today: 

- Cities
- Neighborhoods
- Commercial centers
- Tourism offices

You want to better inform, interact, sell and connect your "members" to their hyperlocal environment. Our solution is made for you! 

Inform, sell, build a local marketplace

Blackbell lets you: 

✓ build your own marketplace of services to inform & sell your products and services to a community
✓ enroll local merchants to enrich your offer 

Use Blackbell as your "community commercial hub".
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Simple pricing

Monthly plans - No commitment

From basic to e-commerce, Blackbell pricing plans are built around you. Uncap your growth today.

✓ Sign up free for 14 days - No credit card needed 
✓ Start with our free mini plan 
✓ Enable more advanced plans to better serve your business needs
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How to implement Blackbell

Blackbell is your 100% online software to build your marketplace of services. We've made it super easy for you to get going. 

✓ Already have a digital manager in-house ? Then you have all the tools & resources to build your platform, source external suppliers and go live.
✓ Need a project manager to help you get going ? Blackbell focuses 100% on technology. However, we might have local entrepreneurs ready to help you. Reach us to know more. 

However, bear a mind that even if it is very easy to create your platform with Blackbell, it requires continuous updates and marketing to make it work.  
I need a project manager!

Interested in selling Blackbell to communities

We're looking for entrepreneurs looking to bring Blackbell to communities and build a business around it.  

Be the design expert and help communities have the most beautiful platform 
Be the marketplace expert and help build multi-vendor marketplaces by sourcing local vendors 

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