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Why Blackbell for your workplace

With mobile now pervasive in most companies, there’s growing popularity and interest around using business-to-employee (B2E) apps to attract and retain well-qualified staff.
Among other recent changes : employee mobility, new digital tools getting into our workspace, connected objects... Those trends are forcing companies to think about the in-house experience they want to offer to their employees. 

Today, any employee :
enters his buildingconnects with other employees / co-workersbooks a meeting roomorders food for lunchreports incidentplans his next vacations
Blackbell can help you build the digital platform to meet those new standards by offering one single app to help employees get informed, interact and connect to their host and their environment.

Who is Blackbell for?

Blackbell can serve: 

✓ Simple workplaces
✓ Co-working spaces
✓ Large companies 

You want to better inform, interact, and connect your workers to your local environment. Our solution is made for you! 
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Your new corporate intranet

Blackbell lets you: 

✓ build your OWN marketplace of services to inform & serve your workers in your workplace area
✓ enroll external suppliers to enrich your offer to workers 

Use Blackbell as your new corporate intranet.
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We have the features you need

Access to employees ONLY
Generate personal access codes so that ONLY residents can order from your platform

Setup departments (Security / Maintenance / Property manager / Office manager) and dispatch orders accordingly. Properly manage your operations. 

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From basic to e-commerce, Blackbell pricing plans are built around you. Uncap your growth today.

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How to implement Blackbell

Blackbell is your 100% online software to build your marketplace of services. We've made it super easy for you to start creating your own platform, enrolling suppliers and going live. 

✓ Already have a digital manager in-house ? Then you have all the tools & resources to build your platform, find external suppliers if needed and go live.
✓ Need a project manager to help you get going ? Blackbell focuses 100% on technology. However, we might have local entrepreneurs ready to help you. Reach us to know more. 

However, bear a mind that even if it is very easy to create your platform with Blackbell, it requires continuous updates and marketing to make it work.  
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Interested in selling Blackbell to workplaces

We're looking for entrepreneurs looking to bring Blackbell to workplaces and build a business around it.  

Be the design expert and help workplaces have the most beautiful platform 
Be the tech expert and help implement in-house solutions 
Be the marketplace expert and help build multi-vendor marketplaces around workplaces 

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