Examples of Blackbell platforms


Same solution, different usage.

Blackbell is used around the globe. From restaurants to large hotels or art shops, we let all types businesses build the website they need to grow. 

Find below some examples!

DMC - Destination Management Company

DMC in Mauritius

Connections offers touristic services and activities to travelers.


Luxurious Resort in the Maldives

Atmosphere Kanifushi informs guests about the Resort, allow them to book in-room amenities & services as well as touristic excursions.

Luxury Hotel

5-star Spa Hotel in Paris

La Réserve Paris allows guests to access personalized guide, discover and order any of the hotel services. 

Online concierge for students

Concierge services marketplace
in the UK

Pinglocker serves British students away from their home and helps them with package storing, cleaning services... and much more! 


Marketplace of coworking spaces

AirOffice enables workers to book freeworking spaces in hotels.


Hairstylist from Paris

Alban Travia informs customers about the salon, his products, events and allows them to get in touch.

Boutique Hotel

4-star Parisian Boutique Hotel

Le Pigalle Hotel allows guests to order breakfast, concierge services & browse local guides.

Landscape Architect

Nature and Garden Lover

Charles Guerlain informs visitors about his activity, shares projects achievements and allows them to get in touch.

Group of Hotels

Group of 4-star Hotels

Okko Hotels allows guests to book a room in a hotel, informs them about the concept, the establishments and the services. Okko also enables guests to directly access hotel's dedicated application.

Corporate website


Hotelcloud helps lodging and travel organizations build the digital platform they need to interact and engage with their residents.


Luxury & Contemporary Lodge

Cypres si haut allows guests to enjoy lodge services, explore a local guide and book activities.

Student Residence

Home for students close to Paris

Résidence Universitaire Lantéri helps students to prepare their stay before their arrival, provides local guide and allows them to order internal services.

Rental Apartments

Concierge services application for rental apartments in Brussels

Smartflats Brussels informs about the apartments (wifi, access) & bespoke services! Also allows to browse local guides and instant book touristic activities online.

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