Online Payments

Securely collect and manage payments

Let your customers pay online for your services

Accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies.

Collect online payments

Collect online payments

From customer card to your bank

Get started in minutes:
✓ create a free Stripe account 
✓ connect your stripe account to your Blackbell dashboard

Receive online payments:
✓ setup your products to be charged online
✓ accept order to charge customer's card on file
✓ money in your bank within days

Extra features:
✓ Easy refund 
✓ Track failed payments 

End to end security

End to end security

We choose Stripe

✓ 2048-bit SSL encryption to ensure secure connection between your customer’s browser and your website
✓ free SSL certificates on all Blackbell websites
✓ full PCI compliant payment gateway 

Know instantly when a payment is successfully processed

View and track all payments on Stripe Dashboard

Marketplace - Payment dispatch

Capture funds, keep a commission, and auto transfer payouts to suppliers

Powerful extra features

Extremely easy to manage refunds

Refund payments

Manage refund straight from your Blackbell platform

Payments logs history

Keep track of payments charges, payouts and refunds