Products & services management

Build & manage your offer from your Blackbell platform

Your business deserves a world-class booking experience

Millions of users use Blackbell. You too can craft a booking experience that works.

Add products in a few simple steps

Add products in a few simple steps

✓ Enrich your product & service page with illustrated content : images, videos, maps...
✓ Customize booking steps for a very precise booking experience
✓ Set mandatory & optional steps 
✓ Let customers pick time & location 

Booking step

Booking experience

Payment step

Set payment methods & alerts

Set payment methods & alerts

For each product: 

✓ Set payment method 
Choose between offline payment, online payment or charge posted to guest's folio (*for hospitality)

 Set proper team alert rules
Decide who a new order should notify within your team

 Set alert medium
Email, text message, automated phone call

 Set alert escalation rules
ex. get alerted if order was not handled after 3 minutes

User account & Order history

Another key to a great booking experience

Full order history for your customers

Snapshot view of orders and status

Detail view of each order

User can track status and real time chat about order