Multilingual Capabilities

Talk to your customers in their own language

Up to 13 languages

Up to 13 languages

Grow your audience with a multilingual website

Blackbell lets you very easily turn your website multilingual and it's free. 

- Select your default language 
Enable as many languages as you want in one click
Manually translate content from your content management system

Translation editor

User can access your website in the default language

or in the language they prefer

One-click translate

One-click translate

Google Machine Learning, Magical.

Blackbell uses Google Cloud intelligence to bring you one-click magic translate.

- Select your destination language
- Click the magic button
- Your Blackbell is translated.

Available translations:

German <-> English 
Spanish <-> English 
French <-> English 
Japanese <-> English 
Korean <-> English
Portuguese <-> English 
Turkish <-> English 
Chinese (Simplified) <-> English

How does it work? What is Google Translate Neural Network? 
We cover all these in our blog post. 

Let's take a look

How to translate content, in seconds

Video demo

In the following video, learn how to translate your content in one click. For more tutorial videos, we are on Youtube.