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Student residences - Residential condos

Residence Lanteri

Student Residence in Paris

Located near Paris, Residence Lanteri is a catholic residence offering university students ideal living conditions:  conviviality, easy access to Paris and parks. 

Blackbell serves as a unique interactive guide to the Residence and the neighborhood. 


Serving student residences in London

Pinglocker offers concierge services to student residences in London. 
From on-site lockers, dry-cleaning to housekeeping services, Pinglocker makes sure students miss nothing throughout their student year. 

Student residences can also enjoy a white-label application, powered by Pinglocker. 

Playa Escondida Resort & Marina

Residential condo in Panama

Playa Escondida Marina & Resort has been conceived as a mixed-use development for residential and leisure travel use. Inspired by the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and the Panamanian coast, its main objective is to take advantage of the great potential for growth in the area. It’s also been presented as a solution to the growing demand of housing in the beach due to its easy access. 

Blackbell will be used as the main communication channel between residents & property managers. 

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