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Signing up for Blackbell is free. You get 14 days to get used to the tool. 
Our extremely easy-to use back-office platform lets you: 

✓ Present your building / community 
Blackbell can serve as your directory: information & contact 

✓ List your products and services
Sell your services & interact with your customers

✓ Setup your multi-vendor marketplace
Enrich your natural service offer by onboarding local service providers 

✓ Manage operations  
Setup operating tools such as calendars, mobile app & workflow 

✓ Engage with your audience 
Engage with your audience (coupons / mailing) and create momentum
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Professional help

Don't feel like you can do it all by yourself ? Order professional services from one of our partners. 

Among their services:  
  • Help on initial design & content upload 
  • Team setup & training 

Checkout the marketplace section to find the right partner for your business.