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Website backup

Scale operations and grow with us

Backing up your Blackbell website can be extremely useful: 
✓ to save a version for future use
✓ if you want to create a 2nd website and not start from scratch (ex. group of buildings...)

How it works:
✓ Create a backup file 
✓ Import a backup file in a new Blackbell

More details:
✓ All pages, products are copied
✓ All content text, images, videos are copied

Multiple currencies

Bill in your own currency

Blackbell lets you display prices and bill for your products & services in your own currency. 

✓ Pick your currency from your admin settings
✓ Prices are displayed in that currency to your customers

Visibility per location

Control who sees content

This feature applies to buildings and let building owners set visibility rules per site (room / apartment / villa...). 

How it works:
✓ List your units (rooms, apartments, villas...)
✓ Set page visibility rules based on those units. Ex: Resident 001 can only see page 001

Extremely relevant for Airbnb-type of structures. 

Single Sign-On

Seamless login experience

Simplify the login experience for your customers. 

How it works:

✓ Configure your Oauth 2.0 with Blackbell
✓ Users can login with their existing accounts email / password

JS Snippets

Copy Paste Javascript

Empower your website with external add-ons such as advanced chat systems, popular rating extensions...

How it works:
✓ Copy JS code from add-ons: tracking tools, chat modules, widgets
✓ Paste it in Blackbell admin 
✓ It instantly applies in your Blackbell app

Popular JS Snippets: Zendesk, Chatlio, Clicky...

Color palette

Reflect your branding

How it works:
✓ Browse our collections of color palettes
✓ Pick your favorite one
✓ Color instantly applies to your website! 

Group application

One app. One group.

Here is how it works:
✔ Link multiple Blackbell apps together
✔ Add app picker to navigate across apps

More features - Coming soon:
✔ Group owner can see all apps orders
✔ Group owner can see all apps analytics
✔ Group owner can see all customer's data
✔ Group owner can duplicate content across apps

Tablet auto-login

A seamless experience for hotel guests

Here is how it works for hotels:
✓ In-room tablets are auto logged in at each check in 
✓ In-room tablets are auto logged out at each check out

This means a seamless booking experience to your guests. 
For more details, speak to a Blackbell certified tablet expert for installation & maintenance.

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